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Phoenix - Trilogy of Hope

Phoenix - Trilogy of Hope


Phoenix is a three movement work based upon our resilience emerging out of the Covid-19 pandemic (all three movements available as stand alone works). I wrote the text to the first movement, Choirs Won't Be Silenced, after watching the INCREDIBLE response from choir directors all over the world in response to the virus. This would not stop singers from finding ways to connect and make music together. While we came to the collective conclusion that our physical health is important, the well-being of our souls is what would ultimately guide us through. Not even a global pandemic would stop choirs from inspiring singers and communities.


Alleluia Votum is the second movement. This exuberant work primarily consists of two words, "alleluia" and "votum" (the Latin word for hope). The two contrasting themes communicate the vast range of feelings and thoughts associated with these two words. Sometimes, hope and joy come from looking ahead to a time far off - even in the midst of pain. Other times, those expressions are felt in our current state of being and we can't help but exclaim our joy. Wherever we are on our life's journey, we can't deny that hope is something we all have if we look for it.


May We Not Return closes the trilogy. One common phrase during and after the pandemic has been "I can't wait until things return to normal." The pandemic, however, seemed to bring to the forefront many problems that were a problem long before Covid-19. Issues of hatred, inequity, greed, and injustice plagued our lives. Instead of reaching out, we often found ourselves turning away. Our choices were driven by selfishness and ego. It dawned on me that the radical self-reflection we were all forced to face could become an agent for good. Perhaps there would be no greater time than ever to create a new future. May we rise toward a world that shelters humanity in love, equity, generosity, and justice for all. It is not meant to just be performed with a specific event in mind, but a timeless anthem for many years to come. My fellow humans, may we strengthen the world with the power of song.

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