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A World Gone Quiet - SATB and Piano

A World Gone Quiet - SATB and Piano


The world fell quiet in March of 2020. The choir world became especially quiet. Not only did lockdowns isolate choristers, but shockwaves travelled through music circles as evidence mounted that singing could further contribute to spreading the coronavirus. As a choir director, I became devastated as the farewell concerts and end of the season rites of passage ceased to exist. In the depths of my pain, I felt one of the only things I could do to cope is to create. While writing articles has been a passion of mine in such things as professional choral publications, I turned inward to write in a medium I don't normally use - poetry. The words are not confined to a poetic meter or style. Rather, they are simple raw emotion. Loneliness and isolation, fear, pain, loss...and ultimately light and hopefulness. The beauty I have seen in humanity continues to drown out the darkness. My hope is that these words and notes may be a refuge to turn to in any time of darkness. May they be a reminder now and forever that light ALWAYS extinguishes the dark.


The world has gone quiet

We are isolated and alone

Humanity is fighting and afraid

Millions of lives hang in the balance

From the depths fear pain will rise


May light caress our pain

But where is the light?

Light, Rise


Rise up my brothers and sisters

Rise all nations, all tribes, all lands

From the hands of millions, out of darkness we will prevail

From the hands of all, we will rise

Like the sun which never dies, we will rise!

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